We arrived in Rome, the place of so many informal initiatives in the sector of housing.

We had two event. One at Puzzle, an occupied social center. This talk was part of the training the activists from this burgeonning centre, it included a large public.

At Puzzle
The talk at Puzzle

The second talk was at Citta de l'Altre Economia, an old slaughter center transformed into a large center for alternative economy. We had an amazing space to debate with local experts in the field of housing from the university. Thanks to the great event organised by Laura of the Decrescita Felice of Rome, a very active local group on degrowth.

We could benefit of the participation of the following respondants: Sandra Annunziata (Urbanist, Roma Tre), Marco Burrascano (Architect,  Roma Tre), Nadia Nur (Sociologist,ISTAT), Luca Salvatici (Economist, Roma  Tre). The talks were moderated by Mario Cerasoli.

Great public at Citta del Altre Economia with Laura, organisador from the local group of Decrescita Felice
Mario Cerasoli, Luca Salvatici, Nadia Nur, Marco Burrascano, Sandra Annunziata - Photo Decrescita Felice

you can see the video of the talk here

After the event at Citta de l'altre economia - Photo Decrescita Felice