Anitra went to the growth in transition conference, she could present important critics of growth within this event. She talked in a session on the tension between investment on green or brown energy. She took the opportunity to talk about degrowth, and that it is not so much the kind of investment that is important but that we need to reduce investments.

I did not go. First they do not accept bicycles, and I had no speaking slot, so i took the opportunity to let go, this is also degrowth :)

How the great idea of small garden and producing your own food becomes simply a new urban sprawl
The view of the urbanisation around the Austrian Conference Center where "Growth in Transition" took place and where Anitra was making her speech
The bike/foot path under the highway. This should be the car path and the highway above shall be for trams, bikes and pedestrians:)

Great evening in Vienna with the friends that prepare the next degrowth conference in this city