Anitra, Vincent and Logan at the talk at Kelet Cafe 

The Budapest conference on degrowth was where we started to plan for the book housing for degrowth.

More than 80 people joined at Kelet Cafe in Budapest, "Housing for Degrowth: let us rethink together the city". I introduced the talk by playing a bit of clarimella, a sort of "degrowed clarinet", which introduced a nice atmosphere. It was a great public participatory discussion, including presentation of different amazing local projects - plantation of fruit trees, organised by Paloma, Cargonomia (transport bikes in the city), Cyclonomia (bike repair workshop), a system of shared cargo bikes etc. For more details of the event:

Cyclonomia workshop where they repair and renovate bicycles

At noon of the same day we had a more studious discussion at CEU university with around 20 researchers, explaining the ideas of the book, and the importance of degrowth narratives, in particular in housing, in front of growth/closure narratives.

Urban agriculture on the roof of the CEU building where we had the midday seminar

Logan, great organiser of ecological initiatives at the research centre CEU, and of the housing for degrowth talk there. He manages a beautiful balance of theory and practice as he is also organic farmer half the week.