On our way to Ljubljana, we are sharing with new "roomates" this nice little flat that we "rent" from the austrian train company ÖBB. This kind of compartments create a very nice convivial atmosphere, but in many places they have been replaced more "efficient" plane style designs.

Great meeting and discussions on housing for degrowth at Kucha, an amazing renovated commercial venue in an industrial zone, that got transformed into an innovative vegan, local food meeting place, full of art pieces. The collective of SURF working on this project Kucha give a lesson of all the possibilities there is in recycling commercial/industrial buildings for activities other than profit trading. Here the place links also with humanitarian issues, bringing food for homeless people, in the same time than providing an opening into high quality vegan food to all sorts of employees of this industrial area. They also develop innovative technics of plant-based lacto-fermentation in the basement.

Martin prepared a beautiful meal for the participants of housing for degrowth event. He is one collaborator of Kucha, that propose vegan meals, locally based in the slow food mode