We are heading to the event in this city full of empty buildings...

All these buildings protected by barbed wires are empty for years. How many non-profit associations could have their office there. How many social housing could be organised? What about users' rights for those that renovate and use those buildings?

Those enormous boats can become very impacting second homes for retired people.

After visiting the city of Trieste, we had a rich event at Espace M'old, an antiquary that organises many events. No diffusion was really made, but the topic attracted many participants as the information on the event got passed-on from person to person. 50 persons were present including a squelleton and a few dolls :)

Amazing discussions at Espace M'old
At Espace M'old with Fulvia, great organiser of the event, and one of the amazing translators on the right

Event at Espace M'old